Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diwali Outing 27th Oct 2008 with photomalaysia members

The original plan was for all the Konica Minolta users to get together/outing but seems only me, mach and wlsiew are free on that day so i invited others forumers from photomalaysia.com i.e uncle noordin, david.tan and ali.
I did the same outing last year with the clubminolta.com members, so this year is like the annivesary of the 1st clubminolta.com outing. It was jus a simple outing, few shot at the Hindu temple opposite the puduraya. We spend about 2 hours shooting the devoted followers of Hindu, then decided to have a tt at central market.
See ya again next year.


SPAZZO said...

aku notice ada satu gamba camera laica kat nun dihujung sana.. peerrgghhh.. cantik siot!

zulkhairy said...

hahahahaha.. leica M8 tue bang